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How To Order

To Order Your Custom Bikini: 

I respond between the hours of 9a-5p est. Monday - Friday

Step 1: Collect visual inspiration for your ideal bikini. This can include images of sets I've already created, as well as images from other sources. Consider what style you would like and what colors, patterns, and material content you prefer. 

Step 2: Gather your measurements. The more information, the better! I would like to know what size swimsuit you usually wear, as well as a description of how you prefer it to fit. I will need your bra size as well as hip & waist measurements. Front and back rise preference will also be helpful. If you're unsure how to measure for your bikini, I made a video showing you how. Here's the link. Always double-check your measurements- these measurements will determine how I make your set and will dictate whether your set will accurately fit or not. If you receive your custom suit and it does not fit correctly, I will edit the suit however necessary to help it fit properly but ultimately I do not offer returns or exchanges.

Need Help? How To Measure: Here

Step 3:
Follow @sydneymarycustombikinis on Instagram. This is a private page I keep to help manage my custom bikini orders. 

Step 4: Choose your material. On the @sydneymarycustombikinis page, I share all the materials I have for custom bikinis at any given time. Once youve chosen the materials youre interested in, direct message me to begin your order! If you don't see something you like, you may have to wait. I am always sourcing new materials & I add new ones whenever I can

Step 5: Direct Message Me. Include all the above information as well as any questions or concerns you have. Feel free to send me a message requesting a custom at any time, even if my customs are closed. If my customs are closed, I will open and respond to your messages as soon as time slots are available. I typically respond between the hours of 9-5 pm Monday through Friday. I do all of my work on my own so if you don't hear from me tentatively please know I have not forgotten! 

As soon as I have all the information needed to create your set, I will get started! It typically takes 2 weeks max for me to create your set. This time can fluctuate longer during busy seasons but I will keep you updated if that is the case. If you have a specific time frame to work with please let me know ahead of time, if I can accommodate it I absolutely will. Once your set is finished I will list it and and send you the listing. Once you've purchased it will ship and you will receive tracking information via email. 

Custom Bikini Pricing:
$120 Base Price
+ $15 for additional details such as lacy elastic, metal rings, or beads.